September 22, 2023
1PM UTC / 10AM Sao Paulo / 2PM London / 4PM Nairobi / 5PM Dubai / 9PM Manila
(check your local time here)
via Zoom

The dominance of global North countries and corporations in climate spaces means they have every opportunity to greenwash themselves, undermine the global response to climate change, and continue with the plunder of the global South. On the other hand, civil society participants find themselves systematically excluded from official negotiations or alienated from all the technical discussions.

These issues underscore the significance of enhancing the skills of climate justice advocates to counter the shrinking civic spaces and the corporate capture of the climate agenda. To this end, IBON International is inviting all of you to this webinar that will tackle the dynamics of international climate negotiations and how peoples from the global South can effectively navigate the complex landscape of climate politics.

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