Join the social media campaign from April 17 to April 21 to generate awareness for environmental protection and motivate CSOs and citizens to learn more about the Escazú Agreement. Use your platform to raise your voice so that the governments or decision-makers of Latin America and the Caribbean countries agree to adhere to the Escazú Agreement.

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Day 1 (April 17)


The #EscazuAgreement is the first instrument in the world to adopt guarantees for the comprehensive protection of environmental and human rights defenders. #ClimateChange

Day 2 (April 18)


Did you know that the second meeting of the Conference of the Parties #COP2 to the #EscazuAgreement will be held from April 19 to 21 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. #ClimateChange.

Day 3 (April 19)


?With the #EscazuAgreement you have many benefits, be a state party. Join it. #ClimateChange

Day 4 (April 20)


With the #EscazuAgreement, the public will have a representative on the Board of Directors and two members in the deliberations room, which will allow the voice of society and environmental groups in the region to be heard, as well as to present proposals. #ClimateChange

Day 5 (April 21)


Did you know that today, during #Cop2 of the #EscazuAgreement, one of the special sessions will be on “The monitoring of human rights defenders in environmental matters”, here we tell you what it is about:


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